Autumn joy

Autumn arrives tonight.  Blessings of the season to all my readers!

I am making good progress on the Autumn Joy scarf. I’ve woven the better part of a yard, and am absolutely ECSTATIC over combining two weave structures and yarns in a simple tapestry technique.

Isn’t that random patch of twill just AWESOME?

I always thread my plain weave on all four harnesses for balance, and I tied up both plain weave and twill for this project. To get this effect, I wove three shuttles, changing from plain weave to twill as I changed colors. ¬†It took a bit of mental gymnastics and some simple footwork to open the correct pattern for each section. It’s slow and painstaking to weave.

I had dreamed this flowing combination of patterns a long time ago. I’m so thrilled that I made it happen.

One thought on “Autumn joy

  1. Again,, it is gorgeous! Sigh,,, I really have to warp and get started on something again. I havent touched my loom in soooo long. And as it stands now I am becoming an Inkler,,,, lol. Taking the beginning Inkle class at Rhinebeck this year,, and just purchased my warp and weft for the class while away,, so I am set!

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