Weaving connections

The New York Sheep and Wool Festival begins on Saturday and I am feeling that wonderful buzz of anticipation. Officially,  this is my eleventh year going to the festival, but I suspect I lost count years ago. I think the first year I attended was 1989, a few months before buying my first loom.

What really matters to me are the changes over the past few years. 2006 was my mother’s last visit to Rhinebeck, a special time together. In 2007, I was fragile and numb, seeing no color, buying only white wool. I think my psyche was wrapped in a thick layer of white wool, protecting me while I healed.  Last year, the color came back, and I reached out into the fiber community, meeting new friends Nancy and Donna, and reconnecting with people from the place I lived some eight years ago.

This year’s festival promises to be filled with people.  The weather threatens to be cold and wet, but there will be hugs under umbrellas, and the warmth of community.

When I tell people about the festival, I hear myself talking more about the people than the shopping. NYS&W  is so much more than barns filled with vendors. It’s a temporary community, a place where everyone shares a passion for yarn.  But a little shopping is a good thing, too.

3 thoughts on “Weaving connections

  1. Have fun at NYS&W!!!

    It sounds so fun. I feel like I’ll be missing a big party. I think it’s just a little too far to be worth the drive for me…..but you never know – by the end of the week I might change my mind!



  2. It is fun, and while I can’t say if it is worth the drive down for just one day, you should plan to make a weekend of it next year. Just book your hotel early, because they sell out very quickly. We stay at the Holiday Inn in Kingston, NY.

  3. Don’t tempt me too much!! You know I have no restraint around yarn and such!

    Thanks for your wisdom about the mixed warp I’m going to start soon. I think your advice was spot on!!

    There’s an award for you on my blog.


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