The threads of community converge


We are the weavers, we are the web. We are an extraordinary clan of spinners, knitters, dyers and weavers. We converged in Rhinebeck, NY for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, and wove a community that was spectacular but fleeting.

Friday was a beautiful day to drive up the Bronx River and Taconic Parkways. These are old roads, built for leisurely drives through the countryside. The autumn foliage was spectacular.

I traveled with my friend Jo. This was her first NYS&W. It was my eleventh. Honestly, I lost count years ago. I started going in ’88 or ’89, and missed a few along the way. Last year, I jokingly declared it my 10th visit, so I’m counting from there.

The threads of community are spun from the moment we decide to make the trip to the festival. Some become manifest in the clothing that we spin, knit and weave. We converge on Rhinebeck like so many spiders weaving our giant web. Anchor strands extend out to Finland, the UK, Canada, and across the US. (Other places as well. I’m thinking of the people that I met.)

Who are fiber folk? I like to think that as a whole, we are gentler and more creative than the norm. We value the Earth and her bountiful gifts. We are unconventional. We are warm. We are colorful.

Friday night at our hotel, we joined a circle of spinners and knitters. We shared wine and cheese. Fate seated me next to a woman who walks a similar spiritual path to mine, and we explored the idea of co-leading a spiritual journey that centers on spinning and weaving.

Old friends met again. New friends made. Welcome to our web.

One thought on “The threads of community converge

  1. I had fun at dinner and hanging with you and Jo on Friday night! I’m glad I saw you fast yesterday, but wished I could have said a proper goodbye! Here’s to hoping you got all the smooshy and fibery things you wanted this Rhinebeck!

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