After weaving the threads of community, the shopping was grand.


There’s nothing more delightful than spending a day wandering through the vendor barns at Rhinebeck, taking in the intense colors, meeting friends, and of course, shopping.

I had given up on having a Moosie spindle from Journey Wheel. The waiting list was long, and the ordering process so arcane that one can wait for months and end up with nothing that one wanted in the first place. That’s what happened to me earlier this year.

What a surprise to find that I had my choice of five Moosie spindles on Saturday morning.  What a curiosity that this one looks nearly like the one that I wanted in the first place. What a joy that this sweet little spindle is mine and all the difficulties of obtaining one are behind me.

The wonderfully colorful fiber behind the spindle is a Party in a Bag from Puckerbrush Farm. It’s a pound of colorful fiber, locks, sparkly angelina and pure fun!

There are so many ways this beautiful fiber can be spun.

A thick, soft single

A slubby thick and thin single

A slubby medium twist yarn, to be spiral spun over a solid core yarn.

A bulky two ply.

Have a look at all the fiber that I bought. Do you think this will keep me spinning until NYS&W 2010?


Click the thumbnails for some serious fibery goodness.

1. 16oz Starry Night from Tintagel Farms. 50% mohair, 50% wool and a dusting of angelina. I fell in love with this last year, but they had run out by the time I went back to buy it.

2. 18 oz. Party in a Bag from Puckerbrush Farms, in luscious autumn shades with hints of aqua, purple and angelina. Don’t you  just love the name?

3. 16 oz. Another Party in a Bag from Puckerbrush Farms, in blues, aqua and purple.

4. 32oz. Ocean roving from Creatively Dyed. Wool and Seacell. I’ve always wanted to spin enough yarn to knit a sweater. This should be it.

4. 7 oz. Dyed locks from Liberty Ridge Farm.

4 thoughts on “After weaving the threads of community, the shopping was grand.

  1. You got a Moosie! Arent they fun! I got some Party in a bag too, but mixed whatever was there up,, just got 4 ozs to play with,,,, for now!

    I think next year might be the Swivel Saddle spinning stool, that I somehow missed. Unless I go for it online! 🙂

  2. Oh my!!! I love Tintagel Farms! And the Autumn shades from Puckerbrush! One year I WILL get to Rhinebeck.

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