Weaving and technology. Each has it’s place.

It has taken all evening to get online. My time has been squandered by a dodgy internet connection. I should have known something was going wrong with the wireless modem this week, because it kept getting slower and slower. The spare one is older technology, but it’s working better. At times like these, I am so grateful for my decision to keep my computer out of my weaving. It may be my research library and the recorder of these musings, but it is not part of the way I create cloth.

I don’t mind using simple, mechanical equipment, such as bobbin winders, ball winders, spinning wheels, and jack looms. That’s as far as I am willing to go, because these items still respond directly to my actions. They help me, but they don’t stand between me and my work. Once the computer intercedes, I become distanced and detached, because it takes over some of the things that engage my mind, like knowing which treadle to press.

What about you? Does technology enhance your weaving experience or detract from it?

2 thoughts on “Weaving and technology. Each has it’s place.

  1. I feel very much like you do. I am a Handweaver. I use looms and the usual equipment, but do not want computers weaving for me, changing sheds, etc., same for fly shuttle. I want to be present in the weaving process. My thinking, my hands and feet.

    Though I weave on a countermarche loom, and am about to begin weaving on a drawloom, and once set up, it can be straightforward, but there is still room
    for play, experimenting, trying ideas as they come.

    Technology has its place in my studio, but it is for research, keeping in touch with weaving friends, learning and sharing on lists, reading weaving blogs, etc.
    For now, that is where it will stay.

  2. I do agree with you. I made an analys of an old fabric and let the computer do the counting of tromp and writ, and se what happened it counted to seven shafts when I only needed 4. Well maybee it was my falt but if I hade made it the old fashion way with paper and pencil I had had it right from the begining. Now I have 9 shafts for something that needed 4.( I had to do it all over and put som threads on new shafts, not all of them just some, it saved some time.) But I do like the internet so I can get all the inspiration from all over the world.

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