Walking in my own shadow

The yarn crawl is an absolute delight, and I found the warp for my coat project, which now has a name: Misted Hills Coat. 

I’ve also decided that I HAVE to buy yarn in person.  If I had gone with my first instinct, I would have chosen Harrisville Shetland for my warp. The colors looked great online, and the yarn looked interesting. N0, no, no! It’s not fine like the Shetland sweaters of my youth. I would have been weaving a big, heavy blanket of a coat.

Instead, I chose a merino/tencel that came in equally gorgeous colors. I also picked up two new shuttles and some roving for an upcoming art yarn spinning class with  Insubordiknit.

Northampton is teeming with weavers. Smith College is hosting NEWS, a weavers symposium. The vendor room is open to the public, so I will be stopping there today.  More yarn!

I have to say that being in Northampton makes me feel like I am walking in my own shadow. I lived here many years ago, and so many things are unchanged that I feel like I might see my younger self a few steps ahead of me. It’s a bit unsettling, but I think I could get used to it.

I need pictures to tell the yarn crawl story properly. They’re in my camera and I’m using a comptuer in the hotel’s business center, and I suspect that never the twain shall meet. So I will just tempt you with these few words:

Swedish wool yarn…locally dyed roving…locally spun and dyed yarn…a temple for my loom…shuttles…books…plans to return often…soft shades of green, blue and violet.

One thought on “Walking in my own shadow

  1. Clearly I’m reading blog posts in random order…..

    You bought a temple. I’ll be interested to see what you think. My local band of weavers doesn’t like them, but lots of weavers I’ve met online swear by them. I picked one up at the yarn table of our guild….but ever since it stabbed me on the way home, it’s been stashed in a corner in my studio waiting for its debut.

    Maybe you can go first!


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