This time, with pictures

I’m back in my studio, and now I can tell the story with pictures, the way it was meant to be told.

This is WEBS. To imagine the scale of this yarn store, combine every yarn store you have ever visted, under one roof. It’s that big.  Maybe even bigger.Yarn Crawl in Western MA-5I didn’t even photograph the aisles and aisles of knitting yarns. The spinning and weaving sections were enough to keep me busy for a couple of hours of happy shopping.

While I was on line to make my purchases, I met Sue, a weaver and blogger (Life Looms Large) from New Hampshire who was in town for NEWS. She had picked out a basket of ‘random’ warp yarn. We had a great chat about weaving, and before we realized, the line was gone!

Speaking of yarn, this is what I selected for the warp of the Misted Hills Coat

Yarn Crawl in Western MA-6

This is Valley Yarns’ own Colrain Lace, a size 10/2 Merino/Tencel blend. Clockwise from the top, the colours are Grey Teal, Whipple Blue, Majestic Blue, Navy, and Rich Purple. I visualize the warp as having random stripes within a field of Grey Teal.

One thought on “This time, with pictures

  1. Great pictures of WEBS!!!

    The yarns you’ve chosen look gorgeous together! I’m so glad we met so I can watch this project take shape!

    Have fun!!

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