North to Vävstuga

After buying warp at WEBS, I got back on I-91 and headed north to Greenfield. Once again I was traveling in my own shadow. When my mother and I owned Elizabethan Arts, one of our supply trips, nicknamed the ‘triple crown of fabric’ took us up I-91 starting at Osgood’s in Springfield, MA to Northampton Fabric Company and then on to Eastern Textile in Greenfield. Northampton Fabric Company closed many years ago. This stretch of highway is rather pretty, and as I relaxed into the driving, I realized how much I miss the hills and the open green spaces.

Shelburne Falls is a pretty little river town, with charming shops and the Bridge of Flowers. I chose to park on the opposite side of the river and walk back to Vävstuga on its garden-lined path.

I opened the door of the tiny yellow shop and fell in love with the tiny red loom, the handwoven shop curtains, and the inviting, welcoming staff.  I was so stunned that I stopped taking pictures. I wasn’t so stunned to walk out without any yarn. Oh no. I will have accent stripes in my weft that remind me of this lovely studio. Some really smooth Bockens Mobelatta came home with me, as did a temple for those times when I care about my selvedges.

I wanted to take a Glimakra Standard loom home with me, but the Aerie is simply too small for it. I must return someday to take a class at Vävstuga, weave on the classically beautiful looms, and stay in the charming guest quarters upstairs.

4 thoughts on “North to Vävstuga

  1. Thanks for putting the scoop about Osgood’s in this post. I actually emailed that link to my local weaving circle. I know that 3 or 4 of us now plan to stop there next time we travel in that direction.

    Vavstuga is definitely on my “must visit” list after seeing several blog posts about it!


  2. When I lived in MA, Osgoods was my first thought when I needed upholstery fabric, velvet, silk, and velveteen. Eastern Textile was better known for quilting fabric, but they also used to have some good silk and linen fabric, too.

  3. Eastern Textile is still there (open till 5:20 today. I called to find out). I don’t know what they are stocking at present. If you get there first, let me know. I’m not going to be in Western MA again until mid-September, and I don’t know if I will have time to go to Greenfield on that trip.

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