Going on a yarn crawl in western Massachusetts

I’m feeling restless after spending some concerted time in the studio. It’s time for a road trip!  Tromp-as-writ is going on a yarn crawl.  I will be visiting two of my favorites, WEBS and Northampton Wools. These were my local yarn stores when I made my home in Northampton. I may also visit a store that’s new to me,  Wool and Dye Works in Florence. While they are primarily a rug-hooking store, I’m interested in their woolen fabric because I have this persistent little idea that has been teasing me. Wouldn’t a tiny sliver of woolen fabric make an interesting inlay?

I will also be visiting Shelburne Falls, home of Metaphor Yarns and Vävstuga Swedish Weaving and Folk Arts. These I only know from their Internet presence. It will be an adventure to visit them in person.

All this in two days.  I doubt I will be blogging from the road.

3 thoughts on “Going on a yarn crawl in western Massachusetts

  1. Hi!

    Hope you’re enjoying your yarn crawl!!!

    I was in line in front of you at WEBS yesterday!! Love your blog!!

    I think the Wool and Dye Works folks have a booth here at NEWS.

    Cannot wait to see what else you discovered on your yarn mission and to follow the progress on your projects!


  2. Hi, Sue!

    I hope you have a great time at NEWS. I’m planning to stop by the vendor room this morning, so that will save me the drive out to Wool and Dye Works.

    So far the yarn crawl has been great. I made three stops yesterday, going to Vavstuga and Metaphorical Yarns after I left WEBS.

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