Meet the looms – 3

As time passes, weaving becomes more about process and less about the technology.  Soon, I’ll be weaving on a simple stick loom, and spinning wool using a rock and a stick.

Journey LoomWait, I do use a simple stick loom.


This is a Journey Loom.  It comes apart into a bundle of seven sticks, and fits in a slender quiver.

This is the loom that I take to the rocks above the sea.

This is the loom where I weave my life.

Picking up the warp of a tapestry loom, thread by thread, is as simple as weaving gets.  Over.  Under. Over. Under. Simple but profound.

Even the yarn is simple. These are colors I dyed years ago, in kettles of natural dyes. The colors of nature all work together in a gentle harmony.  These are the colors of Mother Earth Herself.

When it is this simple, words are not necessary. Let the loom speak for herself.





5 thoughts on “Meet the looms – 3

  1. Wow! I came here from your profile on Ravelry. You’re work is fabulous, especially the face. Is the background the L.I. Sound? I’m in the Bronx, 5 miles from the sound.

    I used to weave a lot, 4 harness jack type loom. Now, I only have my Beka rigid heddle. I’ve started spinning again, and the weaving fever is reappearing. I’m scared; my friends may never see me again,LOL!

  2. Thank you for your kind comments.

    The background is the LI Sound, I was in Manor Park in Larchmont.

    A rigid heddle is one kind of loom that I’ve never had, but I keep eyeing them for their semi-portability. Nothing travels so well as a journey loom, and for that reason in addition to the ones I shared in my post, it is the loom I use most.

    Maybe your non-textile friends will never see you again, but think of all the spinners and weavers you will meet! Tell them follow the yarn that trails behind you…

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    Sorry to leave a comment on your blog, but as your email wasn’t working I wasn’t sure how else to get in touch with you!

    Tien, Weavolution Webmistress

  4. “This is the loom where I weave my life.”

    Your writing moves me.
    I’m a post-stroke ex-paramedic who can do so little
    and who has so much undone
    that I have no business even thinking about weaving
    but last night on-line I discovered hand spinning with spindles
    which struck me as achingly elemental
    and because one thing leads to another
    that led me to looking at simple looms this evening
    and searching for information on the Journey seven-stick loom
    brought your words to my eyes and my heart.

    You have given me a lot to think about.

    I wish you well.

  5. The Journey loom has the advantage of being small, light and portable, but it requires dexterity to manipulate individual threads. You may also want to research Saori looms. There are various assistive modifications available.

    What’s important is that you do start weaving. It is a wonderful thing.

    Be well!

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