Welcome to tromp as writ. I’ve always found this humble weaving instruction to be a magical phrase, conjuring the image of a weaver whose feet are dancing across the treadles in the familiar pattern of the threading she has just completed.

I have been weaving since the hot summer day in 1972 that I lugged my handmade tapestry loom up the hill at the community college, to sit at the feet of Eszike Stouffer and learn the basics of the craft. It has been a very interrupted journey, full of stops and starts and broken threads.

The warp that’s halfway on my floor loom right now has been sitting there for over two years. I want to do better than that. Having an audience to share in my triumphs and console me in my setbacks always helps.  That’s where YOU come in. Tell me about your weaving triumphs.  Ask for a hug when things aren’t going well. 

We are weaving the web of life.  Interconnected. We are the weavers. We are the web.

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