Meet the looms – 1

Don’t ask me how many looms I have in my studio, because I’ll give you a different answer every time.  If I’m not thinking, I will say ONE, because I have one floor loom and it’s too big to forget.  Given a little more time, I might say THREE,  remembering the Journey Loom and the inkle loom. A few minutes later, I’ll say FOUR, acknowledging the big Tri-Loom that is stored under the sofa.  Actually, the right answer is SEVEN because there are three little Weavette and Hazel Rose looms that are so small that they are easily forgotten.

Webs was my local yarn store when I bought my floor loom in 1990 and Barbara Elkins guided me through the process of selecting the right loom for my weaving interests. I am more interested in color and yarn texture than I am in weaving complex patterns, so a 4 harness loom was right for me. 

Floor Loom


Maker – Schacht Spindle Co.

Model – 46” Floor Loom

Age – 19 years. This loom was made on December 28, 1989.

Weaving Mode: Jack

Harness /Treadles – 4 harness, 6 treadles 

Heddles – flat stainless

Reeds – 12 dent

Options and Accessories – high castle, lamp holders, Schacht bobbin winder, bench with accessory bags, Purrington Angel Wings

weaving width 46” 
Height – 46” 
Width – 53” 
Depth – 38” when opened, 26” when rear leg is folded in. 
Weight – 118#

Shed – Rising

Wood – Maple

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